• Computerized Single Needle Quilting Machine
  • Computerized Single Needle Quilting Machine

ZLT-DZ1 Pro Computerized Single Needle Quilting Machine

Adopted Japanese servo motors for controlling ensuring more precision.360 degree Tack-and-Jump quilting, 100 trillion stitches memory, up to 10,000 patterns storage.Outsize rotary shuttle, random-span quilting, and non-contacting thread breakage detecting technology. quilting repairing by simply clicking on the touch screen.
  • Exclusive innovation: Adding sealing edge function, non shuttle working.

    ◆ No flanging machine and extra labors: quilted fabric with 4 sides locked.

    ◆ High quality DURKOPP Adler sewing head, imported extra size rotary shuttle.

    ◆ Non-contacting thread breakage detecting technology. 

    ◆ No long-arm quilt repair machine thanks to the automatic quilt mending function.

    ◆ Automatic lubrication of the hook and needle system.

    ◆ Automatic material tension on both clamp sides.

    ◆ Professional industrial computer system: 100 trillion stitches memory, up to 10,000 patterns storage.

    DZ1 pro 细节.jpg

    ◆ 360 degree random quilting to make more vivid patterns for different markets.

    ◆ High end luxury mattresses; wedding products; children mattresses; different age requirements.

    DZ1 Pro 花样.jpg

  • Max quilting width≤2400 mm
    Max rotating speed of needle2200 rpm
    Max quilting thickness≤80 mm
    Capacity40-120 m/h
    Stitch length2-6 mm
    Needle model19#, 21#
    Gross weight3200 KG
    Total power11 KW
    Voltage380V/50Hz     220V/60Hz, 3-Phase
    Dimension (L×W×H)10500×4530×2050 mm

  • Maintenance tips from experienced engineers

    ◆ The average life of machine will be 1-2 years longer under good maintainance.

    1Every day before off work
    Clean dust of the flanging head and cutting box by gas gun
    2While changing rotary shuttleAdding oil on the shuttle bed
    31 monthCheck sewing head lubrication system or watch the oil window and add oil on time
    41 month or according to the outputAdd butter oil for every bearing of the machine